IT Support

IT issues can strike at any time and it is almost always at a time that is incredibly innconvenient. These issues, especially when dealing with online businesses, can often render a buisiness unable to trade entirely. As such a trusted form of IT support can be required at a moments notice and this is where we can help.

We can solve your IT issues and get you back on your feet. Our experienced team can resolve a very diverse range of common IT issues with ease allowing you to very quickly get on with the important task of running you business in the manner which you have become accustomed to.

Help, my computer isn’t working!

This has to be the most vauge problem we get asked to fix. But dont worry we can fix what’s troubling you. Regardless of whether or not the problem is hardware or software related our IT Support team can diagnose the issue and fix it for you. Remember IT is meant to make your life easier! If your computer isnt working correctly it is not helping to do that. So don’t waste time with bad IT let us fix you up and get your machines working for you and not the other way around.

Email Support

When your emails are not working correctly can be a real pain. Business can grind to a halt and customers can end up feeling unessecarily ingnored. More often then not the issue is simple and our IT support service can get your emails back up and running quickly. So if you are having problems with your emails and need to fix them quick give us a call and our IT support team will get to work getting them going again as a matter of urgency.

Help I have a computer virus!

Don’t worry we have you covered! Our IT Support team can come to you and clear most viruses relatively quickly. We will then advise you on ways of improving your computer’s virus protection to prevent any further infections.

We can’t stress enough the importance of backing up your important data. Some viruses can be devastating and result in complete data loss. The best defence for this is to back up your data regularly and either store it offline on an external hard drive or in a secure cloud based storage service.

If you need help clearing a virus or pre-emptively backing up your data give us a call today and we will gladly walk you through how we can meet your needs.

My website is down!

We know the frustration of a website going down. Updates and tasks you have done on your website without issue for a long time can suddenly and inexplicably break your website and leave it unable to be served by browsers. Our IT Support team are dab hands in fixing websites, we do it all the time! If your website is currently down or experiencing issues call us today and we can get to work getting you back up and live online.

Why choose We Built Your Website?

Why choose We Built Your Website to help with your IT?

We are IT geeks and love fixing problems that would drive other lesser geeks to tears. Not only that, but if we can not fix your problem we dont charge you a fee! Our IT Support team are always on had to answer your questions and can get to you very quickly in the form of an on site IT emergency.

Looking for something different? Give us a call to discuss your web design and digital marketing needs and we’ll be delighted to help you every step of the way.

IT Support Prices

For IT Support we charge a call out fee of £20 (if a call out is required), plus a fee of £50 per hour of IT Support. Many problems can be solved over the phone in minutes and if that is the case we provide this service to you for free. So get in touch today and let us know if you have any IT problems that you need fixing, we know you will be happy with the results!