What is PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising, otherwise known as PPC, is the process of buying traffic from search engines for the keywords that you want to appear on. If you search on Google typically the first entries you see in the results are paid for adverts. Your website showing up in this space is extremely valuable for branding and can provide your website with a lot of traffic that otherwise would have been lost to the competition.

What is PPC - Pay Per Click?
Why is PPC important?

Why is PPC important?

People conduct internet searches in thousands of different ways using a multitude of different keywords. Because of this it is impossible to target all of your relevant keywords through SEO. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to fill in the gaps so to speak and allows your website to achieve full keyword coverage.

Making your company or product discoverable in search engines is essential in modern business. For those businesses where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has proved difficult, PPC is the answer.

PPC enables you to place your own advert at the top spot on Google for any keywords that describe your product, e.g. travel agent, summer holiday, sun tan lotion etc. Costs are limited as you will only pay Google for the traffic your website actually receives and all budgets can be set and controlled with the click of a button.

Key factors in PPC success

There are many factors that effect how effective PPC is for your business. We have outlined a few of the things below that are important if you are going to enjoy success through this channel.
A scientific methodology.

As with any optimisation process, a highly scientific methodology is important. The ability to track what has worked and what has not in the past is pivotal if you are to ensure improvement over time. PPC optimisation is a constant process of tweaking and adjustment. From the keywords themselves and their associated bids to the ad copy and campaign scheduling, there are seemingly endless ways to improve performance.

Key Factors in PPC Process
PPC - ROI Return on Investment

Optimising for ROI

Ultimately you are looking for a return on your marketing efforts and when you are optimising a PPC account you want to aim for a good return on your investment. Through conversion tracking we are able to see which keywords drive traffic and which of those keywords drive traffic that converts. Armed with this information we ensure that your budget is spent on only keywords that drive actual sales, thus improving your cost per sale and ROI simultaneously.
Lots of keywords.

It may sound simple, but the more keywords you appear on the better. Through comprehensive keyword research you can find the thousands of different ways people are finding your products or services. But don’t worry, we do all the hard work for you!

Effective use of long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are longer keywords that often resemble a phrase such as “florist near epsom surrey”. These sort of keywords as you can imagine get searched for very infrequently and as such are generally much cheaper than their heavily searched for more generic counterparts, e.g. “florist epsom”.
Quality Score optimisation.

Google gives every keyword in your account a “Quality Score” as an indication of how relevant they feel the keyword is to its associated adcopy and web page. The lower the quality score the more expensive it is for you to appear on that keyword. Through account optimisation, website adjustments and landing page creation, we can improve your account’s quality scores and reduce your cost per click. This will drive more traffic for the same budget and improve your ROI significantly.

PPC Long Tail Keywords

Why choose We Built Your Website to manage your PPC Accounts?

Not only do we love PPC, but our team are all recognised as AdWords certified professionals, meaning that we’ve passed multiple exams that assess their product expertise. We’re qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords.

We use all our knowledge and expertise to build you a completely bespoke PPC account, conducting all the necessary research on your behalf. We use our subsequent findings to ensure that your account is always fully populated to a high standard before launch. After launch we analyze and optimise the account in a very scientific manner to improve both traffic and return on investment. Our friendly team are always available to answer your questions no matter how big or small and our affordable management fees ensure that even the smallest businesses can use this service.

Why choose We Built Your Website?

Looking for something different? Give us a call to discuss your web design and digital marketing needs and we’ll be delighted to help you every step of the way.

Pay Per Click Prices

For PPC Account management and optimisation we charge a minimum monthly management fee of £300 for managing and optimising 100 keywords. If you wish for more keywords in your account that is of course no problem at all. We can cater for any volume of keywords. However it is important to note that our management fee will rise inline with increase in work associated with managing a larger account.

This price does not include the amount you wish to spend on the search engines themselves. Google and Bing charge a varying amount for every click, so you will need to have an idea of how much you want to spend a month in addition to our management fee on capturing new business via their platforms.

PPC Prices

FROM £300per month
  • Account Creation
  • Campaign Design & Build
  • Keyword Creation
  • Adcopy Writing
  • Account Optimisation
  • Monthly Reporting